NEPSE gains marginal points

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) on Monday closed at 2947.69 points with an increase of 0.27 points.The sensitive index that measures the share transaction of big companies reached 548.87 points following an increase of 0.55 points. According to the NEPSE, a total of 15.68 million plus unit shares of 226 companies were traded at Rs 9.29 billion.

After the share trade on Monday, the country’s market capitalization reached Rs 4125.46 billion. Of the 13 sub-categories, the share price of seven posted positive growth while investors of six others lost.

The Banking sector increased by 16.81 points, trading by 29.53 points, hotel and tourism by 4.13 points, development banks by 4.35 points, finance by 2.5 points, non-life insurance by 198.86 points while life insurance by 85.84 points.

However, the traders of hydropower sector lost by 90.56 points, manufacturing by 93.8 points, others by 8.17 points, micro-finance by 31.04 points and mutual fund by 0.02 points.Based on the trading, Arun Valley Hydropower Company remained at the top with the transaction of more than Rs 619.3 million.

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