Two weeks on, disaster-blocked road yet to resume

Normal life has been adversely hit hard when the landslide-disrupted road has not yet reopened in over two weeks.The Bhagawati-Rangapath motorway heading to Bhanu municipality-5 via Byas municipality-12 has remained obstructed for over two weeks.

Ram Bahadur Adhikari, a local, shared the disruption of road following incessant rain on July 1 has directly affected the residents of Peepalthok, Goldhunga, Maiwal, Kokhe, Garabhanjyang, Nawarung, Mildanda and Dandathok.

“Traffic disruption has troubled food supply. It is very tough to take the emergency patients to hospitals”, he said, lambasting indifference of the stakeholders towards resuming traffic operations on the road. —

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