Chitwan sees nearly two-fold rise in road accidents

Number of road accidents has increased in Chitwan district in last fiscal year 2020/21 as compared to previous fiscal year 2019/20.
According to the District Traffic Police Office, Chitwan, the number of road accidents had increased nearly by double in last previous fiscal year. As per the data of the Office, 435 road accidents took place in the district in the last fiscal year while it was 261 in the previous fiscal year 2019/20.
With the increase in road accidents, number of people losing their lives in such incidents has also increased.

Chief of the District Traffic Police Office, Chitwan, Police Inspector Bhagawan Raj Thapa said that 128 people lost their lives in road accidents in the fiscal year 2020/21. Similarly, 107 people were killed in road accidents in the previous fiscal year.


A total of 763 people sustained injuries in the road accidents in the fiscal year 2020/21. Of them, 290 suffered serious injuries while 413 sustained minor injuries, according to the District Traffic Police Office. Likewise, 664 vehicles involved in such accidents were impounded in the last fiscal year.

Police Inspector Thapa added that driving the vehicles consuming alcohol even in prohibitory order, and riding two-wheelers in over speed are among the reasons behind the increasing number of road accidents. Number of two-wheelers meeting accident is high as compared to other vehicles.

The office took action against 236 people trying to allure police deputed at their working areas in the last fiscal year and it collected Rs 244,500 fine as an action from them. Similarly, action was taken against 548 people for driving their vehicles consuming alcohol and Rs 548,000 revenue was collected from them.
The Office collected Rs 33.037 million revenue after taking action against 38,622 vehicles in last fiscal year, according to the Office.

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