Water taps installed at 72 houses in Mirchhulung

The people of Mirchhulung, Bhimad Municipality-5 in Tanahu district are elated after the installation of water taps at their house. This settlement in the municipality was facing acute shortage of drinking water before.

Taps have been installed at all the 72 houses at Mirchhulung. Water drawn from the source at Dharadi using the solar power technology would be supplied to the settlement, Chair of the Consumers Committee, Baburam Rana, said.”People had to fetch water from well and other traditional sources from far before this. Now they are very happy as they can get water at their doorstep,” Rana said.

The water supply project in Mirchhulung has been constructed with the financial assistance of the Gandaki Province Government and the voluntary labour contribution of the locals. The project has been constructed at a total cost of six million 846 thousand rupees, the Water Supply and Sanitation Division Office, Tanahu, stated.
The Gandaki Province Government provided five million 784 thousand rupees and the locals contributed voluntary labour equivalent to one million 61 thousand 340, Office Chief Kiran Poudel said.

Two minors have died in an incident of fire at Rajawar of Gaumukhi rural municipality in Pyuthan district.
The victims are seven-year-old Himal Rana and three-year-old Chandrakala Rana, son and daughter respectively of Ramesh Rana. The two siblings died when fire engulfed Ramesh’s cowshed at around 9 this morning, the rural municipality Chair Bishnu Kumar Giri said.
Giri said the incident took place when the kids’ parents were away. A police team has been dispatched to the incident site, the District Police Office said.

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Two minors killed in fire

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