Govt should control dengue: UML

The CPN (UML) has demanded the government prevent and control dengue that is taking its toll across the country. The infection is becoming serious, and the government must contain it, read a statement issued by party central secretary Yogesh Bhattarai, also chief of the party health and population department. There should be coordination among government and non-governmental organisations and the three-tier government in the mobilisation of required health workers and making medicines easily available.

Workforces should be deployed at the community level to identity dengue patients, expand dengue test and expand health service, and provide budget. The UML’s attention has been drawn to health crisis created by the infection in all over the country, said Bhattarai.

The party has accused the incumbent government of lagging behind to prevent and control the disease, raise awareness and provide treatment to dengue patients. The party also urged party’s committees, sister organisations and members to contribute to contain the infection. So far, over 17,500 people have got infected with the disease, and the infection-related mortality figure is 21.

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