Five-party alliance for constitution implementation: Minister Khand

Minister for Home Affairs, Bal Krishna Khand, has said the five-party alliance was formed to implement constitution, institutionalize democracy and balance foreign relations, not against any party and leader. He shared that the government has been taking initiatives to bring the parties that did not participate in the elections in the democratic stream. At a programme organised by Nepali Congress Rupandehi Constituency-2 at Butwal today, the Home Minister clarified that Nepal would not participate in any international military activities.

He further said construction of a tunnel route would be forwarded from coming fiscal year to make the Siddhababa road section along Butwal-Palpa section safe as hundreds of people have lost their lives and thousands of passengers have been facing difficulties due to bad condition of the road section as well as construction of runnel route at Daunne along East-West highway would also be started. Home Minister Khand urged the party leaders and cadres to carry out activities in order to make the NC the largest party and strong in upcoming elections of federation and province assembly.

Meanwhile, Minister Khand emphasized effective collection of details of each citizen to establish legal rights for them. He instructed to take forward the collection of personal details, date storage and distribution more effectively. Attending an event organized by the Department National ID and Civil Registration in Rupandehi today, the Minister asserted that it was the responsibility of the government to provide social security to the citizens. He urged all the parties concerned to be aware and alert that the citizens may be deprived of social security if the details collected about them are not correct. The government has been distributing social security allowance to senior citizens, Dalit, physically-disable, single women, backward communities and children among others vulnerable groups, according to the Minister.

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