Sudurpaschim at risk of COVID-19 infections

The Sudurpaschim Province has lately started reporting positive cases of COVID-19. In the past 24 hours, the Province reports five positive cases. According to the Health Directorate, Dipayal, a total of 293 sample tests including 18 were conducted on border points on Tuesday. In the past one week, the virus has been detected on 11. However, the casualty from the virus since mid-February is nil.

Health workers on the Gauriphanta transit point Dammar Khati said the rising infection in neighbouring India has posed a threat back to home. As he said, more preventive measures are required along the Nepal-India border points to control the infections. Among the positive cases, the infection is high on Indian-returnees, he said. According to him, those returned from India straightly left for destinations before the test results come out. On Tuesday alone, 516 entered the Province from several border points.

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