Political parties’ apathy towards Kaligandaki conservation draws flak

Ram Bahadur Thapa

The ‘Save Kaligandaki Campaign’ has expressed displeasure for the political parties’ indifference to include the agenda of Kaligandaki River conservation in their election manifesto.

The campaign has drawn a conclusion that it was a weakness on part of the political parties to underestimate the crisis deepening in the Kaligandaki due to human encroachment and observe silence on such a sensitive issue.

Campaign’s Coordinator Rk Adipta Giri expressed serious objection to the indifference of the political actors. Candidates of the region and their political parties are turning deaf ear to the Kaligandaki conservation, he added.

“What is the stance and commitment of the parties on ecological affairs? What is the plan for conservation? These are the pertinent things to be reflected in the political parties’ election manifestoes”, he emphasized.

“Unchecked human encroachment has pushed the rivers, including Kaligandaki into crisis. Who will conserve these heritages? Kaligandaki is not only a river but also a civilization so its conservation should not be ignored”, coordinator Giri noted.

“The river has seen uncontrolled human encroachment in the name of extraction of stones and pebbles. Citizens to state level should be sensitive to conserve the civilization of Kaligandaki”, he explained.

Some candidates have slightly mentioned the rivers management for bio-diversity in their manifesto which also does not explicitly emphasis on Kaligandaki conservation.The Kaligandaki is a main river system of the central part of Nepal which floes south through Damodarkunda and Muktichhetra.

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