India Bleeding Goddess Photo Gallery

In this June 23, 2019 photo, Monika Deb Nath, 45, stands beside her son Gopal, 17, at the Kamakhya temple during the Ambubachi festival in Gauhati, India. Monika, 45, and her husband have visited the temple four years in a row for the annual Ambubachi festival, praying for a miracle to heal their son from cerebral palsy, which has left him with almost no control over his own body. Monika’s days are spent caring for Gopal – feeding him, taking him to the toilet, bathing him, keeping him hydrated. (AP Photo/Anupam Nath)

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होसियार ! यस्ता लक्षणहरु देखिएमा हुनसक्छ‘ सुगर

वर्षा लागेसँगै चरनको समस्या भएपछि मौरीका लागि आहारा किनेर खुवाउनुपर्ने बाध्यता