DPM Pokhrel gives words for efforts for development of Tarai/Madhes

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Ishwor Pokhrel has stressed the need of further strengthening national unity based on the foundation of social harmony and goodwill. “This is the need of the hour,” he said.

During an interaction on the protection and promotion of rights and empowerment of the Madheshi community organised by the Madhesi Community here today, the Deputy Prime Minister said,”Glorious history, religion, culture, norms and values oriented towards progression should be protected being united.”

Underlining the need of keeping nationality, national independence, integrity, prestige and freedom intact, the Deputy Prime Minister said the fate of Terai, hill and mountain has met at the same point; the contribution of the Tarai /Madhes had been unknowingly overshadowed in a period of history. “Our efforts should be for protecting and promoting progressive thoughts and issues. The people of Tarai/Madhes are enriched by good culture and honesty,” he said, adding that he found no word to describe their feeling of patriotism.

He underlined the need of healing the Madhes psychology hit by the sense of injustice of such unintended discriminations and taking steps ahead together for the development and prosperity of nation. “The Nepali society is diverse as of multi-colours of marble stone, the population of a particular community may be in small in size, some community may have a little big size, but Nepal is really a multi-colourful country, like marble, characterized by caste, linguistic and religious diversities.” According to him, the serious question of the hour is to keep such beauty enriched by diversities alive in the days to come.

Also speaking on the occasion, Public Service Commission chair Umesh Prasad Mainali said Nepal has better practiced the principle of proportional and inclusion than its neighbours.He spoke the need of bringing acts, laws and rule capable of supporting such excellent system to find a right course and further promoting it.

Tharu Commission chair Bishnu Prasad Chaudhary said the agenda of Madeshi and Tharu community featured commonality, expressing commitment to work in cooperation with the Madhesi Commission to institutionalize such agenda.

Madhesi Commission chair Bijay Dutta said the issues of the Madeshi community had been identified and the programme was organised to collect feedback for determining the possible ways to address such matters at the best level.

“The Tarai/ Madhes is an example of art, culture, religion and culture besides its identity as a granary and the Commission will recommend the government for policy-level, legal and organizational development and improvement for the development of this region,” he said.

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