Ministry’s priority to end VAW: Minister Thapa

Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizen, Thammaya Thapa, has said that the government has been carrying out activities with priority to reduce violence against women as well as to end dowry and chhaupadi practice.

Responding to queries raised by lawmakers on different topics of the Ministry of Women, Childrenand Senior Citizen under Appropriation Bill-2076 in the meeting of National Assembly on Sunday, Minister Thapa said that the Ministry has forwarded programme to rescue street children as well as rehabilitation programme to the helpless children.

Saying she has been actively carrying activities to end all types of discrimination against women, Minister Thapa said, “We have forwarded 2076 BS as the year for campaign against women violence. A plan has been set to establish fund against human trafficking and gender-based violence in all 753 local levels in coming fiscal year.”

The communities backward in human development index have been incorporated through different programmes under President Women Upliftment Programme, added the Minister.She said, “Women and girl empowerment programme has been launched in Karnali state. The ministry has given priority to construct disabled-friendly infrastructures. An arrangement of disabled-friendly games has also been made.”

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