Lawmakers’ qualm over govt revoking decision to check pesticides in veggie imports

Kathmandu (RSS) The parliamentarians in today’s meeting of the National Assembly slammed the government, reasoning it withdrew the decision of conducting chemical test of vegetables imported from India. During the Cabinet meeting held on July 4 this year, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies had repealed its decision on the same citing the lack of technical preparations and pressures from the traders.

Parliamentarian Anita Devkota questioned, “Why did the government withdraw the decision to test the vegetables imported from India and other third countries?” She pressed for ban on the import and sales of vegetables with the high concentration of pesticides and urged the government to take into account the health and wellbeing of the citizens.

Also, she accused the police administration for delaying the rescue of a minor fallen into the river while excavating in the river in Sarlahi district. Devkota demanded clarification on police oppression on the irate locals in Sarlahi who lashed out at the police for the delayed rescue leading to death of the minor.

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