Where democracy exists there is press freedom: former President

Former President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has said where democracy exists there is the press freedom.He said this while addressing the National Conference of journalists representing the Dalit community under the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) here today. The convention is organized by FNJ Dalit Committee and hosted by FNJ district branch.

On the occasion, the first president of republic Nepal said that discrimination cannot be accepted in a democracy and urged everyone concerned to keep fighting against caste-based discrimination.FNJ president Govinda Acharya said there was no equality in several laws. He stated that federalism has not been found in the media structure but the FNJ has secretaries from the dalit, women, indigenous nationalities and Madhesi communities.

Chief Commissioner of National Information Commission, Krishna Hari Baskota, State Assembly member Tularam Gharti and Bir Bahadur Rana, District Coordination Committee coordinator Dayaraj Basyal and Tansen municipality mayor Ashok Kumar Shahi said the dalit community has been facing caste-based discrimination. They said the journalists from the dalit community are facing problems and still experiencing painful discrimination, calling for removing such problems.

President of Minimum Wage Fixation Committee, Gangadhar Parajuli, FNJ general secretary Ramesh Bista, secretary Resh BK, Nepal Press Union president Badri Sigdel, FONIJ president Danda Gurung, Progressive Journalists Association president Narayan Sharma and Dalit Journalists Association president Binod Pahadi, senior journalist Meghraj Sharma, among the speakers said the dalit community was looked down upon by even the educated community and the journalists from the dalit community too were grappling with caste-based discrimination and economic problem.More than 100 journalists from the dalit community from across the country are attending the conference.

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