Moral education for civilized personality: CM Shahi

Surkhetun (RSS) Chief Minister of Karnali State, Mahendra Bahadur Shahi, has said moral education was imperative for building healthy and civilized personality.Inaugurating a programme relating to road discipline and minimization of accidents organized by the State Traffic Police Office, Surkhet, here Friday, CM Shahi urged the traffic police to take action against the traffic rule violators and encourage those abiding by the rule.

Promotion of right culture is imperative for civilized society, he stressed.On the occasion, Minister for Internal Affairs and Law, Naresh Bhandari, viewed that road civilization would also help foster good governance. He pointed out the need of public awareness on traffic rule.

Chief Secretary at the State, Kebal Prasad Bhandari, however, said it was challenging to maintain road discipline owing to unruly behaviour of the commoner. Equal attention is needed from the drivers to minimize road accidents, he added.Other speakers viewed that maintaining road discipline from all sides could help minimize accidents.

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