Rafting halted in Kaligandaki with the start of monsoon

Rafting in the Kaligandaki river has been halted with the increase in water level in the river after the onset of the monsoon. Rafting is generally operated in the Kaligandaki river especially from mid-March to mid-May but was continued till the third week of June this time due to late arrival of monsoon. Rafting is also operated in the Kaligandaki from mid-September till October.

Hom Bahadur Pun, a rafting tour operator, said rafting has been stopped in the Klaigandaki river for this season as the level of water in the river has increased with the onset of the rainy season.Rafting would be operated again from September after the monsoon stops, he said.

It is said the number of tourists coming for short and family rafting excursion in Kaligandaki is increasing every year. Kaligandaki is the choice for rafting lovers as it is comparatively longer, and less steep river with slow water current.

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