Dhauliganga Hydroelectric Dam to be cleaned, people concerned urged to stay safe

The dam of Dhauliganga Hydroelectric Project based in Dhauliganga River in Pithoragarh of Uttarakhand, India is to be opened Friday. According to a letter received from the NHPC Limited, Dhauliganga Power Station, Dharchula in Pithoragarh, the works of shift flushing (cleaning) have been scheduled from 12:00 midnight of June 28 to 6:30 pm of June 29 and the level of water in the Mahakali river will increase once the works get started, heightening the water-induced risk along the riverside area.

Baitadi’s Chief District Officer Anand Poudel has called on the public not to travel towards the river bank during this period. People residing in an area from Sera to Kushmat Ghat have been urged to be cautious about the possible risk. The District Administration Office informed the public by issuing a notice. The barrage gates will remain open till the evening of June 29 and people residing on riverside have been urged to take precautions until the evening of June 30.

The cleaning of the dam on a regular basis is necessary during rainy season. The Mahakali River takes the course from Baitadi towards India via Dadeldhura and Kanchanpur districts and people residing near the riverbanks have been requested by local administrations of both countries to be alert during this period.The 280-megwatt Dhauliganga Project Dam caused a significant loss in the Darchula district headquarters in 2070 BS.

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