PM employment programme: trekking route construction at Shuklaphanta

Construction of trekking route has initiated at Batase Jharana – a touristic area based in Shuklaphanta municipality-8 under the Prime Minister Employment Programme. As many as 24 job applicants got employment in the construction of the trekking route which is one of the key tourism destinations for internal tourists.Construction of steps and removal of big stones from the way have been carried out so as to ease the movement of tourists to the Jharana (fall), said ward-8 Chairperson Bahadur Singh Mahara.

The workers under the prime minister employment programme are entitled to get Rs 517 every day for 30 days.The trekking route will have the length of 2,600 metres and breadth of 1.5 metre. The ward office has floated a plan to connect the trekking route to Dharapani Shukla lake, Belgada and Batase Jharana.

The employment recipients are from Dalit, indigenous nationalities, single women and families from disadvantaged groups. In the current fiscal year, total 207 people received employment in the municipality. Each person got job for 30 days. As many as 424 applicants had submitted applications for employment in the municipality.

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