Prime Minister Cup Cricket: Far West reaches final

A cricket squad representing the Far West State in the ongoing Prime Minister Cup Women Cricket Tournament has reached the final.Though the team remaining in the topmost position of group ‘A’ was scheduled to face the State 2 in the semifinal match, the match was cancelled due to rains, tournament technical committee coordinator Binay Jha said. The Far-West team made its headway to the final without playing the semi-final. In the match so far four matches have got cancelled due to rains.

The Armed Police Force (APF) Club and the State 1 squad are scheduled to face in the semi-final match scheduled this afternoon, following the improvement in weather. The cricket ground was full covered by waters following the rains for two consecutive days on Sunday and Monday, thus forcing the organizer to cancel the match.

Despite multiple efforts to clear the ground, it could not be readied for organizing the match scheduled for this morning. The State 2 remaining in the second place of Group ‘B’ had gone out without its performance in the semi-final. The final has been scheduled for Wednesday morning and a team winning the title will go home with a cash prize of Rs 400 thousand while teams securing the first and second position will bag Rs 300 thousands and 200 thousands respectively.

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