Local government still confined to district headquarters

Bharma of Kushe is the administrative centre of Kushe rural municipality. However, all official work of the rural municipality is being carried from the homes of the Chair and the Vice-chair in the district headquarters. Along with Kushe rural municipality, the Juni Chande rural municipality and Barekote rural municipality administration is also functioning from the district headquarters.

The concerned rural municipality authorities however site lack of bank service in Kushe and Barekote, and the dispute over the service centre in Juni Chande as the reason behind the services being confined to the district headquarters.

As a result, even for minor official work, the locals are forced to spend thousands to reach to the district headquarters. “Due to the conservative style of working, spending budget in a haphazard manner at the fag end of the fiscal year continued this year as well,” civil society leader Rajendra Bikram Shah said.

The capital expenditure of the federal grant in Jajarkot has been recorded at only 9.5 per cent as of mid June. Likewise, only 21 per cent of the development budget received from the State government has been spent, according to the Office of the Comptroller.

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