Education Minister Pokharel stresses on accessible and quality education

Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Giriraj Mani Pokharel has said accessibility as well as quality should be looked for in education.

The Education Minister said this at a foundation laying programme of two educational structures in Dang district today. He said programmes would be operated for creating conducive environment at schools for learning, retaining the students and imparting education and skills to the students so that they will get work in future.

Stating the education system that has no connect with the lifestyle has created educated unemployed in the country, he stressed on connecting education to labour, labour to skill, skill to production and production to prosperity. “It is not that all will go for higher education but now we need to create an environment in which a person completing the secondary level education will find employment in the labour market,” he said.

Addressing to the foundation-laying programme of the Martyr Krishna Sen Ichhuk Polytechnic School, the Education Minister said, “Now, we need human resources who love the country, their land and who work for protecting the sovereignty and independence of the country; not the human resources harbouring dreams of going to Europe even before finishing school.” He said the Martyr Krishna Sen Ichhuk Polytechnic School would be expanded to produce 5,000 human resources every year. The School came into operation from last year.

Also today, Education Minister Pokharel laid the foundation stone for the construction of a province-level special education boarding school in the district. On the occasion, he said transformation of community schools was the main agenda of the day. “The government has already envisioned and started the process of constructing ‘special education boarding school’ in every province,” he said.

Principal Yadav Subedi said the School building would be constructed on two and half bigha land provided by the Basic School Karjahi at Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City-17. A master plan has also been prepared to invest one billion rupees for the development of the School.

Rs 50 million has been allocated for construction of the school building this year. Minister Pokharel on the occasion also urged the stakeholders to search for more land for the school as the present land would not be adequate to build all the required infrastructure.Mayor of Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City, Narulal Chaudhay pledged every support from the sub-metropolis to provide land required for the school.

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