State 2 CM, Raut expresses concern about Chure degradation

Chief Minister of State 2 Lalbabu Raut has expressed his concern over degradation of the Chure area with the rampant construction of road and by human encroachment. As a result, the area is developing into a desert, he said at an interaction on ‘disaster risk reduction and management and preparedness for monsoon disaster’ organised here today by the IOM, UN Migration.

Expressing his serious concern about the security agencies keeping a mum on the extraction of the Chure area, he pointed out that the people should be aware of the fact that destruction of the area means destruction of the state.

Likewise, Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Gynendra Kumar Yadav also identified that extraction of the Chure was posing a risk to the state. The state government was at work to amend the act related to establishing an authority with regards to disaster management, he said.

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