Govt policies, programmes mere package of slogans: Dr Bhattarai

Kathmandu- Naya Shakti Party coordinator and former Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai commented the government’s policies and programmes as just a package of slogans having no grounds for implementation.

Dr Bhattarai commented that it was good to hear but difficult to implement. He argued that there was no concrete policy and programme to end corruption, generate employment, increase revenue, among others. Also the former Finance Minister Dr Bhattarai, however, said enabling road access to each village was positive.

Similarly, Rastriya Janata Party Nepal leader Laxman Laa Karna argued that the policies and programmes were not objective as these incorporated unimportant issues. Commenting on the policies and programmes, Nepal Workers and Peasants Party lawmaker Prem Suwal said it was the continuation of past activities and not in the favour of the county and people.

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