Interview with Actress Rejina Uprety

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 3rd May: Rejina Uprety, started her career with 1999 social awareness popular show ”Chetana” in Nepal Television. Later, she started her film career from Nepali movie Afno Manche (2001).She produced own movie Bardaan in 2012. Even though she has not appeared in any films for the past three years, she is still active in this industry. She is the vice-resident of Film Artists Association of Nepal (FAAN) and has done few advertisements. She is still open to doing movies if she is offered any good scripts.

Upreti got married on 1st March 2014 with Suraj Pokhrel. It was actually after her wedding she took a break from acting and eventually took a longer break after the birth of her baby.

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