State-5 government intensifies preparation for budget formulation

The State-5 government has concentrated its efforts for formulating periodic plan and discussing budget policies and priorities ahead of the budget presentation. State Assembly members now have engaged in budgetary discussions after the State Planning Commission prepared framework for main projects and programme. The government is holding discussions on periodic plan, annual programme and budget before the introduction of budget for the fiscal year 2019-20.

State ministers, State Assembly members and economic experts are participating the interaction on period plan, budget and annual programme underway in Butwal. On the occasion, State-5 Chief Minister Shanker Pokharel stressed the need to design plans and programmes to accelerate the economic development of the State.

Budget priorities and areas would be discussed in the two-day discussion. The interaction was organised to receive inputs and recommendations from stakeholders in the cross-cutting areas of economic, social, infrastructure development, good governance and security. Presenting a working paper on the occasion State-5 Planning Commission’s Vice-chair Dr Prakash Kumar Shrestha said the plans aligning with the periodic planning of the State have been given priority in the budget.

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