Three hundred citizenship cards in Banke annulled

Banke- Nearly 300 citizenship cards issued on the basis of descent have been annulled in Banke district.The District Administration Office Banke stated that this many citizenship cards from Rajhena,Khajurakhurda and Manikapur have been scrapped.This move by the district administration follows the recent order by the Supreme Court to annul the 34,000 citizenship cards which the apex court ruled were illegally distributed in various districts of the Tarai-Madhes including Banke.

It is estimated that 299 citizenship cards in the three local levels in Banke are of this type, Chief District Officer Madan Bhujel said. According to him, most of the citizenship cards out of the 1,818 cards have been taken back.

A committee formed through a decision by the then government in 2054 BS is alleged to have distributed the citizenship illegally. The Supreme Court had declared these citizenship cards illegal in 2058 BS.

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