Rana regime and Panchayat system ousted on back support of workers

Parsa-Former Deputy Prime Minister and Nepali Congress Vice-President Bijay Kumar Gachchhadar has said the overthrow of the Rana regime and the Panchayat system from the country was possible on the back support of workers’ movements. Addressing a programme organised by the Nepal Trade Union Congress State 2 committee in Birgunj today on the occasion of the 130th International Workers’ Day, he said the people’s movements launched in the country in different times had been successful on the strong foundation of a leading role of workers which finally led to the establishment of a federal democratic republic system in the country.

He urged trade union leaders to focus their future agenda on making sure that Nepali workers’ minimum salary reaches Rs 20,000 per month. Extending (International) May Day wishes to all Nepali workers at home and abroad, he noted that despite significant political transformations in the country, workers’ life had not changed much in a progressive way, urging all political parties and trade unions to focus on bringing improvement in the living standard of working class people.

NC central leader Ajay Chaurasiya and former minister Surendra Chaudhary, among others, demanded that the government implements the provision of minimum wages promised for labour sector. Union state 2 president Laxman Kurmi chaired the programme. Earlier today, the Union organised a rally in Birgunj in commemoration of the Day.

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