130th Int Labour Day: President Bhandari confident over reforms in labour sector

Kathmandu- President Bidya Devi Bhandari has expressed her confidence that the stakeholders would focus towards reforming the labour sector to help realize the government’s motto of prosperous Nepal based on social justice and equality. In a message today on the occasion of 130th International Labour Day, President Bhandari believed that the welfare of the workers in Nepal would be secured by the Constitutional provisions that stipulate socialism-oriented economy in the country.

Furthermore, Bhandari was confident that the conditions of Nepali labour would improve significantly through implementation of the new Labour Act, Employment related Act and socials security based on contribution.Extending gratitude towards the crucial role of the labourers in implementation of the federalism, the Head of the State has wished for a favorable working environment to all Nepali workers at home and abroad, justifiable remuneration and social security among others.

“I am confident that the International Labour Day would unite all working class people across the world in a thread of unity to ensure their rights and independence,” reads the message.
She also underscored respect and dignity for the labourers, arguing that they are the pillars for a strong economy and socialism-oriented economy.A meeting of the labour organizations and labour leaders of the world held at Paris of France in 1889 took the decision to mark the World Labour Day across the globe every year. With the decision, May 1 has been celebrated as he World Labour Day since 1890.

In Nepal also, various trade union organizations are making preparations for celebrating the Day by organizing different programmes on the occasion. Nepal has marked the celebration of the Day with the Workers Movement (Majdoor Andolan) held at Biratnagar in 2007 BS.Similarly, in a message on the same occasion, Vice-President Nanda Bahadur Pun argued that the agenda of economic prosperity could not be achieved until there were positive changes in the lives of labourers.

Stating that all the working class people should be prosperous and happy for the government to achieve its motto ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’,Vice-President Pun clarified that the Constitution of Nepal had guaranteed each and every labourer in the country due wage facilities and provisions for social security based on contribution.Underlining the need to enable favorable environment for one and all to uplift the condition of the labourers, he drew the attention of the government towards more job creations in the country thereby benefiting the labourers.

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