No small feat, artist paints in rice grain

Kathmandu-While it may be relatively easy to paint big shapes and figures on canvas, lokta or the indigenous Nepali paper, or for that matter on thanka or paubha, painting on a rice grain would really require meticulousness and high concentration.And only a few artists would venture into miniature painting. Khalifa Palash, an artist from Bangladesh, is one among such artists who creates miniature art. He has painted the national flags of three countries on a single grain of rice. He has also painted portraits of three world-famous writers on a single rice grain.

The Bangladeshi artist has also painted a male attired in the Nepali dress on a single rice grain. Palash’s paintings can be viewed at the Nepal-India International Art Exhibition organised by Shed the Light Peacemaker, currently underway in Kathmandu.It is difficult to comprehend her artworks with normal eyes. One has to use an eyeglass.“I find this art very beautiful and one must salute the efforts it requires to paint on such a small grain of rice,” said psychologist Dr Narendra Thagunna, while observing the art. Palash has tried to reflect the friendship among the three countries- Nepal, Bangladesh and India – by painting the national flags of these countries.“I have included the flags of these three countries in a rice grain to give the message that they enjoy close relations,” Palash said of one of his paintings in a rice grain. When the viewers ask him whether he did not find it difficult to paint, that also using water colour, on a small grain of rice, he says casually:“I find it like painting any other artwork.

I do it easily. It takes 2-3 days to do a single painting on a rice grain. ” The art exhibition has been organised with the participation of the artists from Nepal and India to facilitate experience sharing on art and painting among the artists and to expand cultural ties.The Nepali artists expressed happiness to the participation of two Bangladeshi artists also. The art exhibition is part of the Indo-Nepal Art Festival.Out of the seven art works by Palash put on display, one is a painting of three literary figures – Ranjana Thakur, William Shakespeare and Nazarul – on a single grain of rice.Another interesting artwork in the exhibition is a sculpture made from thrown-away articles crafted by an Indian sculptor.

Artist Sapana Shah has made a painting visualizing her mother’s love towards her. Another painting by Indian artist Ritu Singh depicts a mother cuddling her baby in her lap. Nepali artist NB Gurung’s painting of an elderly woman with flowers tucked in her head.“I found it very beautiful,” said India’s ambassador for Nepal, Manjeev Singh Puri, while watching the paintings and art works on display. More than 65 works of art including paintings, five sculptures and one video art by 36 artists from Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Great Britain are on show. Twenty four artists from Nepal, 10 from India and one each from Bangladesh and Britain are participating in the event.

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