Public offense cases high in Nepal: Police

Kathmandu – Nepal is ahead in terms of the occurrence of public offense which is considered a crime of first degree in the order of crime. However, overlooking such crimes may prod up crimes of serious nature as such offense is indication of a threat of serious crimes in the future, security officials say.

The Nepal Police data shows that a total of 9,657 incidents of public offense, out of 25,509 cases of crime, were registered during the last year. According to Nepal Police spokesperson and senior superintendent of police Uttam Raj Subedi, the cases of public offense are of different nature and their index seems high.

“None should overlook such incidents and take the responsibility of reporting/ informing to the police upon seeing its occurrence. Any incident that is against the interest of public falls under the public offense. Such crime covers a wide range of activities not confirming with generally accepted standard in the society from verbal abuse, teasing, indecent behavior and treatment, making noise in public after drinking, neighbor conflict and so on,” he explained.

The police records manifest that the cases of reported rape and murder, human trafficking and public offense in the year 2075 BS were slightly less than of the previous year (2074 BS). But again the figure of public offense is the highest among others.

In 2075 BS, 5,337 cases were related to suicides, 3024 were related to drug abuses, 1,760 were related to rape and 1,773 were about banking fraud. In the period, over 33,000 thousands faced cases for public offense while this number was 39,000 in the previous year. This was because of the launch of Community-Police Partnership Programme, the organisation claims.

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