Over half of Chinese youth nearsighted in 2018

More than half of Chinese children and teenagers suffered from nearsightedness, or myopia, in 2018, with the myopia rate among them reaching 53.6 percent, according to research unveiled by the National Health Commission (NHC) Monday at a press conference. The nearsightedness among Chinese teenagers has become severe in recent years as more teenagers are affected at a younger age, an official of NHC Zhang Yong told a press conference.

The prevalence of high degree myopia also became alarming as the percentage of senior students in high school, who wear glasses stronger than six diopters, has mounted to 21.9 percent, according to Zhang.

Zhang said that the misuse of eyes, such as insufficient outdoor exercise, inadequate sleep time, an excessive amount of after-school work and near-vision work and abuse or improper use of electronic devices, are the main causes of high myopia rate among Chinese children and junior adults. Enditem

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