Rekha Thapa: “Protest Against NCELL Required”

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 29th April: People have been protesting against Ncell in a bid to pressurize the private telecom service provider to submit applicable Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to the government. The government had ordered Ncell to deposit Rs 39.06 billion as applicable capital gains tax on the Ncell buyout deal with its Malaysian-based parent company Axiata. The top court in February had said Ncell and Axiata should pay capital gains tax, ending a long-drawn debate over whether the buyer should pay the tax.

Rekha Thapa, an actor and a politician has requested to avoid using NCELL sim card until it pays all its tax to the government. “At a time when government is not taking action against NCELL, it is necessary for youths in the country to speak against it,” she said.

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