Captain Vijaya Lama Suspended

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 29th April: Captain Vijaya Lama has been removed from the position of a spokesperson of Nepal Air Force Corporation. His license has also been temporarily suspended. The decision has been made by Nepal Civil Aviation Authority after Lama’s controversial interview. Lama in his interview had expressed dissatisfaction over certain issue regarding the airline. He was asked to provide proper justification.

Apart from being a pilot, he is also an actor, businessman and social activist. As an actor, Lama debuted in the hit television serial Catmandu, which was produced by UNICEF and broadcast on Nepal Television in 2002, and has acted in many feature films. As an event manager, he has worked on more than three hundreds events in Nepal. Lama is a managing director of Lhawang Event Management Pvt. Ltd. He has produced his first Nepali feature film, AAGO 2, which was released in Jan 2015 by SKN Cinemas.

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