Shweta Khadka Underwent Tumor Surgery

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 29th April: Nepali actress and producer Shweta Khadka has undergone surgery in India to get rid of the tumor. Khadka shared the news through her social networking sites after the operation was successful. She wrote, “My Second life!!! This is the time when life played a game with me yet another time. They say life is very uncertain and it’s true. You never know what might happen and your plans and aspirations may just vanish within a fraction on seconds. I’m extremely sad to let you people know that I won’t be able to work in my new venture that I recently started- the movie “Hello Zindagi”.

“Now, this incident taught me that life is unfortunate. We never know what might happen to us and where might life take us. My sincere apology to the entire team of Hello Zindagi that due to my health issue I couldnt work in the movie. Thank you BLK hospital and the entire team of SK Dabas. I won over the dreadful situation yet another time.”

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