Interview With Actor Ramit Dhungana

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 24th April: Ramit Dhungana was one of the most loved actors at one point of time. With super-hit films like ‘Himmat’, ‘Dewar Babu’, ‘Muglan’ in his kitty, his films used to be released almost every month. He had good relationship with his contemporary actors like Rajesh Hamal, Dilip Rayamajhi, Nikhil Uprety among others. Dhungana was last seen in ‘Buddha was born in Nepal’ two years ago and ever since then, people haven’t seen him onscreen. But here is a good news. Apparently, he is making a comeback with a new project, ‘Raja Saheb’.

In this interview, he talks about his comeback in Nepali film industry and how we have made progress in terms of technicality and the quality of halls but the script is not upto mark. He feels that not the actors or directors but script is the hero of a movie. For him, the superstars of Nepali film industry are Rajesh Hamal, Bhuwan K.C. and Shree Krishna Shrestha.

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