Rural municipality executive meeting held inside cave

Damauli- The Tanhu Bandipur Rural Municipality has held its executive body meeting inside the Siddhagupha cave. This cave is said to be the largest cave in South Asia. The rural municipality convened its 41st executive meeting inside the cave on Tuesday with the aim of publicizing it so as to attract visitors. The cave is located at Bimalnagar of Bandipur rural municipality.

Rural municipality chair Purna Singh Thapa said the executive meeting of the rural municipality has been held inside the cave in line with the rural municipality’s policy of holding the executive meetings at every ward of the rural municipality for publicizing the tourism and religious sites in the rural municipality. The meeting has constituted a three-member accounts committee. It has decided to allocate Rs 773,000 for installing solar power system at 22 houses in the rural municipality which are not connected to the national power grid.

The Siddhagupha is two kilometers to the east from Dumre along the Prithvi highway in Tanahu district. It is at an altitude of 600 metres from the mean sea level. It is exactly south of Bimlnagar.

This cave was first discovered by a group of five people on March 26, 1988. Chandra Bahadur Samling Thapamagar, Durga Bahadur Thapmagar, Nar Bhadur Thapamagar, Nara Bahadur Kumal and Indian national Warren Qadras, the then principal of Notre Dam Higher Secondary School, Bandipur.

The Siddhagupha cave is estimated to be 3,500 years old. Archaeologists found various artefacts like copper coins, parts of broken clay pots, teeth of wild animals and terracotta items, believed to be before the 16th century AD, inside the cave when it was first discovered.

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