Nepali Celebrities Who Had Intercaste Marriage

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 23rd Nepal: Marriages in Hindu society are caste-driven where inter-caste marriages are considered to be a sin. In Hinduism, caste is the most important component of marriage. In this 21st century too, people have to think twice to do intercaste marriage. However, there are many Nepali celebrities who have broken this norms and are living their life happily happily. GP Timilsina and Usha Khadgi fell in love while working together but they had to face hurdles to get marries. They are now parents of two children.

Karishma Manandhar got married with Binod K.C.during her teenage days after which her career flourished and she became one of the popular actresses. Anup Baral married his long time girlfriend Diya Maskey in 2071. They have worked together in a couple of movies.

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