Nepal Police’s remarkable work in crime control

Kathmandu-The Nepal Police has done remarkable job to control crime in the country in 2075 BS. Nepal Police had carried out activities as per Home Administration Reform Work Plan to materialize government’s slogan ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali.’

At a news conference organised by the Nepal Police Headquarters here today, Inspector General Sarbendra Khanal said the Nepal Police has been carrying out activities in professional and transparent manner to control crime in order to maintain and augment peace and security in the country.

He said, “The Nepal Police is active to control crime. Action will be taken against anyone carrying out activities against the law.” Saying all have the same responsibility for nation building, IGP Khanal urged media persons to support it.

He said, “The Nepal Police has been carrying out investigation regarding murder of Nirmala Panta as well as issue of Ram Bahadur Bamjan.” Similarly, Spokesperson of Nepal Police, Uttam Raj Subedi, said that agreement has been signed with 751 local levels across the nation under Community-Police Partnership Programme forwarded by Nepal Police to control crime.

He said, “We have already taken the programme before 194,000 students, 2,191schools and 10,208 guardians.” The Nepal Police have arrested 2,263 absconding convicts, seized 435 arms and filed case against 38,151 people involved in different criminal activities in 2075 BS.

Similarly, Nepal Police has collected Rs 1.93 billion revenue from different places. A target has been set to increase number of police to 10 per cent in crime investigation from five percent, added Subedi.The Nepal Police had arrested six foreign nationals and a Nepali citizen on the charge of pedophilia; 1,515 on the charge of their involvement in violent activities; and filed lawsuits against 1,313.

Similarly, 18294 internal human resources were provided with capacity enhancement training while 4,774 were rewarded and 1,980 faced the departmental action. The organisation witnessed the clearance of arrears by 85 percent in this period and 28 police units were rebuilt.

The organisation has adopted the ‘one police- office: one vehicle’ policy. It has achieved 2,552 ropanis of land free of cost in different parts of the country. It has implemented a three-month action plan aims to improve the traffic situation inside the Kathmandu Valley.

The Nepal Police Headquarters believes that the government recent decision to increase the incentive for traffic police is a motivation for them. It has received applications for the establishment of 750 police offices in different parts of the country and 22,418 human resources are required to address this issue.

Similarly, it has identified the need of additional 1,000 motor vehicles nationwide for the organisation and has been preparing to come up with the advance vehicle x-ray services for checking of vehicles entering the Kathmandu Valley from different parts of the country.
It is preparing to establish a police hospital in Gandaki State and State 2 bearing in mind health of police employees and their dependents and a police school in Chitwan and Surkhet.

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