State government and RSS are together: CM Rai

Biratnaga- Chief Minister of State-1, Sherdhan Rai, has said the service and structure of RSS should be systematic in the state level, and that he was clear that RSS should not be looked at in the traditional way.

Inaugurating the state-1level journalism training organised by RSS collaborating with Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law of state government at Biratnagar today, he said, “RSS has been practising journalism based on truth and trust. It should be changed into a strong and official media house. There is remarkable role of entire journalism in country’s change and development. We want to respect it.”

The Chief Minister suggested RSS to disseminate true and trustworthy news by bringing weaknesses of the government into light.
He further said that journalism sector should support the campaign of prosperity and expressed commitment to take action against those involved in corruption.Similarly, RSS Chairperson Harihari Adhikari (Shyamal) said that RSS has been supporting activities of state government.

He insisted that the point of view that RSS was a government body should be changed. RSS Chair Adhikari said, “RSS is a trustworthy and official media source of the people and government. It is the media of the media. We are in the phase of amendment of the existing act. A process is underway to appoint correspondents in China and India. We want to be a bridge between the people and government.”Saying programmes to encourage journalism sector have been forwarded, Minister for Internal Affairs and Law of the State-1 government, Gopal Parajuli, said that there would be further collaboration with RSS.

RSS Board member Dayaram Dahal, Chief of District Coordination Committee of Morang, President of Federation of Nepali Journalists, State-1, Bikram Luintel, also expressed their views.Some 30 correspondents of RSS from 14 districts of State-1 have been participating in the three-day training where training would be imparted on various issues including news collection, priority, editing, feature and investigative news, activities of state government and photo journalism.

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