Rapid Fire With Viral Kid Shailyn Shrestha

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 21st April: If you are on social networking sites, you might have come across the videos of this cute little kid. She has stolen hearts of thousands of people with her cuteness and smartness. We are talking about this 2 years old Shailyn Shrestha whose videos have become viral on Tiktok and instagram. Daughter of Sanjeet Shrestha and Sapana Tamang can count upto 20, knows the capital city of Nepal, Prime Minister of our country and can also recognize animals looking at the pictures. She also can figure out the colors of traffic light and its usage.

Sanjeet who is also a singer by profession and devotes his free time teaching his daughter the basic knowledge. His songs include ‘Sahara Timi’, ‘Juni Vari Lai’ among others. Shrestha started uploading videos of her when she was 18 months old. Its been 2 months, her popularity has taken new heights.

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