When Princy, Prisma’s Shooting Got Halted By Police

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 21st April: Tiktok has been a major platforms for the aspiring actors. The craze of Tiktok is huge in Nepal and a lot of people have become instantly famous. To name few, Reshma Ghimire, Amita Gurung, Manjil Karki, twin sisters Princy and Prisma Khatiwoda among others. A recently released song by Pramod Kharel featuring Princy and Prisma is currently trending on no. 1 in Nepal. The music for the song has been composed by Bhim BC while the lyrics is penned by Himanshu Rayamajhi “Godhuli”.

The video directed by Deepak Acharya and produced by Dipa Kharel Sitaula also stars Paul Shah. Prior to this, their song ‘Hamro Maya Jindabaad’ was also trending on YouTube. After the song crossed a million views, the team celebrated it amongst the media cutting the cake. The team thanked each and every viewers for giving abundant love to the song.

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