This 9 Years Old Kid From Nepal Sells Stones In Dubai

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 21st April: If you scroll through your YouTube, you will find a number of videos of this 9 years old Jungstrong Malla who introduces himself as a small entrepreneur. He collects stone from the riverside, paints those stones himself and sells them among people. With the money collected, he helps the people in need and hopes that he will be able to establish a resort in the future so that he can provide people with job opportunities and help poor people.

He apparently started this initiation at the age of 5. Ever since then, he has sold his stuffs to number of Nepalese and foreigners. He is currently studying in forth grade in Dubai. According to him, he got interested in business because of his inspiration from father. He has collected one lakh so far. He is also starting to sell the stuffs online back in Dubai.

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