Top 5 Nepali Actors of 2075

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 18th April: A lot of films got released in 2075. While most of them were flops, few managed to win the love and money. This video talks about top 5 actors of the year on the basis of their box office collection and popularity on social networking sites. Dayahang Rai had three releases in 2075 namely ‘Bhaire’, ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Saili’. While the first two films didn’t do much at the box office, ‘Saili’ managed to give him a hit in the year gone by. Pradeep Khadka appeared in ‘Rose’ and ‘Love Station’ in 2075 and he managed to remain in the media all year long because of his relationship with Jassita Gurung.

Bipin Gurung also managed to win praises for his performances in ‘Hari’ and ‘Prasad’. Deepak Raj Giri also managed to stay in the news for being an important part in the popular film ‘Chakka Panja’. Anmol K.C. is definitely the superstar of the young lot in Nepali film industry. His latest release is doing wonders at the box office.

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