One Important Thing To Consider When Buying Watermelon

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 15th April: As summer is approaching, one fruit that goes best with the season is watermelon. Interestingly, watermelon is 92% water and thus keeps you hydrated all day long. What’s more, a high water content also help you feel full. Many studies have suggested that watermelon decreases the risk of obesity and overall mortality, diabetes, and heart disease. Other benefits of the watermelon include promoting a healthy complexion and hair, increased energy, and overall lower weight.

However, there are certain tricks that you should apply before buying watermelons. While you go shopping for a melon, make sure to do the weight test of melons. Pick up a melon and weight it on your hand to see if it is heavy. You should always find the heaviest melon, so make sure to pick one or more than two melons. Also look out for these tell-tale signs of a ripe watermelon. Choose watermelons with a dark green rind or a golden yellow spot on the melon’s underside and if it is deep and makes hollow sound when thumped.

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