Meet This Girl From Bardiya Who Gave Birth At The Age of 11

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 13th April: This 11 years old girl from Bardiya is in news for giving birth at such a tender age. Because of her age, the parents didn’t realize anything happening between their daughter and a boy originally from Jumla. “The boy used to come to our home and they used to be together and play together. We had no doubts on them as they were both child,” says her mother. According to her, she came to know about her daughter’s pregnancy only after she delivered the baby.

Because of the lack of education and awareness, children like her are facing the problems of unwanted pregnancies, child marriage and so forth. Nepal Government had even launched a national strategy to end child marriage by 2030 – the global target under the 2016 Sustainable Development Goals.

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