Box office to come into effect throughout country from mid-April

Kathmandu- The Box Office will be implemented throughout the week in all movie theatres from mid-April.The National Film Development Board which spearheaded the system aims to streamline record keeping of the sale of tickets and help directly ascertaining the gross collection of the movies.

Board’s Account Officer Prabhakar Bhattarai shared that once the system comes into effect, the Board could take stock of the sales of tickets across all cinema halls in the country.
He said, “It will take a while to effectively implement the system in the old theatres but the information about the sales of tickets in new theatres would be updated in the computer from the very beginning.”

The Board will impart training for the employees in cinema halls who have not computer literacy.
Max International has been entrusted with designing the new server for the same. The new server will be put in place in few days. Currently the box office system is in implementation in the theatres of Kathmandu Valley. There are altogether 394 movie halls across the country, including Kathmandu, among which only 215 are operative. Thirteen new cinema halls have come into operation in the current fiscal year.

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