‘Duradanda festival’ in New Year

Kathmandu-A ‘Historical Duradanda Festival-2076 BS’ is to be held in Duradanda, Lamjung from 14-16 April. Duradanda Sewa Samaj and Dura Sewa Samaj are jointly organising the festival for the promotion of historical, social and cultural heritages of the place.

At a press conference on Tuesday, the festival organising committee informed that the event will be held in the area where the high-cast people initiated ‘plough revolution’ in 1949. Engineer Nirmal Neupane, Chair of Duradanda Sewa Samaj, shared they are organising the festival to keep the historical identity, name and glory of the place intact.

Likewise, Gokul Prasad Dura, Chair of Dura Samaj Nepal, said the event is taking place to protect and preserve indigenous language, culture, art, folk music and religious importance.

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