Growing commercialisation in education riles Vice president

Kathmandu,- Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun has insisted on the need of ending discrimination in education and ensuring a significant improvement in the quality of community schools so as to guarantee equal education for all children.

In his address to the 80th anniversary of the Juddhodaya Public High School amidst a ceremony here today, the vice president drew the attention of all towards the quality enhancement of community schools as per the demand of time.He was of the opinion that the government and responsible bodies should work seriously to address issues facing the community schools and to boost up their quality.

Stating that the constitution had enshrined the right of every citizen to get compulsory education up to the basic level and the right to free education up to the secondary level, he sought the contribution of all to create an atmosphere for bringing all those children deprived of education to schools. He highlighted the need of reform in the current education system to produce competent and capable graduates, through their access to quality education, who could contribute to the causes of nation, instead of dreaming of pursuing a career abroad.

According to him, higher education should be gradually made accessible to every citizen and free and there should be the regulation of private education to establish the equal education system.
He was worried about the increasing commercialization in areas relating with citizen’s fundamental rights like education, which according to him, has been a major cause of conflict, instability, corruption, irregularities and struggle.

“The constitution has ensured the local level right to the management of secondary level education,” the vice president said, calling upon all to utilise such opportunity for the establishment of a quality education system at the community-level.“A discriminatory education system with different education opportunities for well-off and poor families has created a gap in the society,” the Vice President concluded.

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