State 1 Chief Minister pledges disabled-friendly atmosphere

Biratnagar- State 1 chief minister Sherdhan Rai has pledged to enact the disabled-friendly laws (by the state government) to ensure the rights of persons with disabilities enshrined by the constitution.Inaugurating the 19th AGM and eighth general convention of National Federation of the Disabled- Nepal here today, the chief minister said the government was making plans to work in the sector of disabilities in all 14 districts in the state.

In his statement on the occasion, he said the government had already prohibited unconstitutional activities by a small political group and such group would come to the mainstream of national politics in a near future. Federation chair Sudharsan Subedi said the disabled had multiple issues and the government should be serious towards addressing them while Tika Dahal and Renu Lohani said the disabled needed opportunities not sympathy.

The two-day event has the participation of 710 as representatives and 60 as observers. The Federation is the alliance of 331 organisaitons working in the sector of disabilities nationwide.

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