Venezuela’s Maduro calls on Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay, Caribbean countries to resume dialogue

CARACAS- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday called on Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay and the Caribbean countries to resume the initiative of dialogue and support for peace in Venezuela.

Speaking to a gathering of his supporters in Caracas, Maduro urged leaders of these countries “to resume the initiative of dialogue, decided in Montevideo two months ago.”
“Venezuela asks for support and accompaniment for a great dialogue of peace, of understanding among Venezuelans,” Maduro said.Maduro ratified his will to seek peace through “dialogue, negotiation, and agreement” with the opposition, “for the good of Venezuela.”

“Let us put all the cards on the table, stop the terrorist attacks and the ambushes, and with the accompaniment of Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay and the Caribbean, Venezuela can set up sooner rather than later a table for national dialogue among all sectors,” he said.Maduro made the invitation “as an expression of political maturity” and of national interest.
In February, representatives from the Caribbean community, Mexico, Uruguay and Bolivia held a meeting in the Uruguayan capital Montevideo and promoted the initiative to facilitate a negotiated solution to the crisis in Venezuela.

The proposal consists of four phases: immediate dialogue, negotiation (potential agreements), commitments (signed agreements) and implementation (putting the commitments into place along with international support).Maduro hailed the proposal, but opposition leader Juan Guaido opposed the “Montevideo Mechanism.”The international dialogue took place after Guaido self-proclaimed himself “interim president” on Jan. 23 and was recognized by the United States and several other countries. Enditem

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