NC general secretary calls for an end to intra-party factionalism

Bhadgaon- Nepali Congress general secretary Dr Shashank Koirala has called for an end to the intra-party factions. He said this while addressing a greetings exchange cum tea reception event organised by Nepali Congress Madhyapur Thimi Town Committee at local Chhwasa Tol today. The event was organised on the occasion of the New Year 2076 and the Biska Jatra, the famous cultural festival of Bhaktapur.

“Nobody can stop the Congress from emerging as the largest party in the upcoming general election if it moved ahead united. It should not forget the trail blazed by the founding leader of the party, the late BP Koirala,” he said, adding that it was a matter of sadness the party which has adopted the policy of national reconciliation lacked conciliation within itself.Alleging that the government’s activities were anti-federalism, the general-secretary of the main opposition party said, “The government which commands two-thirds majority is trying to concentrate power to itself when the country is at difficult situation and this is against the federalism. This tendency of the government shows that it does not believe in federalism.”

Making an assessment of the works carried out by the government in the last one year, he said, “Not a single work deserving of thanking has been carried out by the government in the last one year. The government has also not been able to present concrete plan. Incidents of violence, killing, rape, corruption have increased instead of peace and good-governance in the country over this period.”

C central member Bhisma Raj Aangdambe charged the government with two-thirds majority support of not being able to address the dissatisfactions of the indigenous nationalities, Madhesis, Tharu and women. He said the government has neglected the democratic values.NC district committee president Durlav Thapa spoke of the need to reinvigorating the party by launching a reawakening campaign.NC Bhaktapur town committee president Surendra Shrestha presided over the programme.

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